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Free Aloe Guy

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You have found our cactus pages. Here we feature some rare and unusual plants that you wont find at most nurseries. We specialize in the unusual and interesting.
For example: we carry a plant that forms dozens of baby plants on the teeth of its leaves. Weird, huh?
Get this! We have a plant that is known as Adam's Needle and another that is known as Eve's Needle. Pretty neat! The first is a yucca the second is a pole-like cactus. Then there's the Night- blooming Cereus. It blooms for one or two days in the whole year and only at night!
I have been gathering these oddities and propagting them for years. Now I am sharing them so that they can be appreciated and not lost for all time.

Take your time and explore my collection. If you are an amateur gardener like myself or know someone who is, you can add these beauties to your or thier garden. I have very reasonable prices and I have wholesale lots, as well. I am adding pages to this site all the time, so bookmark this page so you can come again.

The aloe plants are carefully packaged using bubble wrap and foam peanuts. Shipping and handling is extra.

* Just pay shipping/handling

All the information you need for using aloe medicinally, growing and caring for aloes, recipes, etc.