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Adam's Needle Yucca
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Great for accent to your garden. Perfect for guarding a window. A wonderful border or corner highlight. A beautiful background or foundation.

Big long blooms three week in early spring.
The blooms are white.

This is an offshoot that was taken from the base of the 6 foot tall 'father' plant. It has it's own root seystem. It has a 2 inch trunk and many long spears itself. It is $10, carefully packaged and with Tracking.

Adams Needle (Yucca) - Very distinct evergreen plants of fine form and of the highest value where effect is sought. They are hardy for the most part, and all of the kinds mentioned are vigorous and well suited for the flower garden.

The yucca plant is an evergreen shrub that does not shed its leaves each year and abundantly grow in southeastern United States. It grows in dry, sandy or rocky habitats and in fields, road shoulders, open woods and nursery beds. Leaves of the yucca are usually pointed, stiff, and narrow, with saw like or fibrous edges. The leaves are basal; that is, they all originate from one point, taking the form of a rosette. Leaves terminates in sharp spine. Stem is present in the form underground rhizome Yucca plants have bell-shaped, white, cream-color, or whitish-green flowers. These flowers grow on inflorescence, which springs up from the center of a leaf-cluster. There are several flowers presents on an inflorescence.