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Eve's Needle Cactus
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Tree-like cactus, up to 13 feet tall (4 m) 10 feet in diameter (3 m); stems up to 20 inches long (50 cm); awl like leaves, up to 5 inches long (12 cm); to 4 spines, up to 3.2 inches long (8 cm)

Origin: High elevations in Ecuador and Peru, 8000 to 12000 feet (2400 to 3600 m)Minimum Avg. Temperature: 50F (10C)
Sun Exposure:
Full sun Propagation: Cuttings; Growth Habits: Watering Needs: Little water

Tall plants with many branches

This is a bigger plant with lots of branches.
The branches can be removed and planted.

Priced by size of plant
Well packaged with foam peanuts and bubble wrap to prevent damage to the delecat little branches. Shipped USPS Priority mail with tracking.

6 inch, bare root
6in. plants
1 yr. old bare roots

Eve's Needle Cactus
This little plant is blooming.
  Grows for 30 years! Tree-like cactus, up to 13 feet tall; 10 feet in diameter.

Stems up to 20 inches long; awl like leaves, up to 5 inches long; 1 to 4 spines, up to 3 inches long. Saguaro-like cactus, slow growing; takes 30 years to reach maturity. Many branches great for starting new plants. Easy to propagate and each cutting produces more interesting and completely individual new branches. Drought tolerant but with frequent watering it thrives. A great start to a cactus collection and a great addition to any home garden.