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Agave Americana
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Agave americana, commonly known as the Century Plant, is an agave originally from Mexico but cultivated worldwide
as an ornamental plant.

If the flower stem is cut without flowering,
a sweet liquid called agua miel "honey water"
gathers in the heart of the plant. This may be
fermented to produce the drink called pulque.
The leaves also yield fibers, known as pita,
which are suitable for making rope, matting, coarse cloth
and are used for embroidery of leather in a technique known as piteado.
Both pulque and maguey fibre were important to the economy of
pre-Columbian Mexico. Production continues today to a much lesser extent.
Agave nectar (also called agave syrup) has recently been marketed
as a healthful natural sugar substitute.

Agaves produce offshoots around the base.
Those are what I have for sale.



Very carefully packaged using bubble wrap and foam peanuts.