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Chandelier plant
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Mother of Millions

is an alternative common name.

is a perennial plant this is extremely easy to propagate, because it makes its own miniature plants.

It is also known as the Mother of Thousands.

 Either way, the name represents the plant very well.

The botanical name for the Mother of Millions plant is Kalanchoe daigremontiana and is a succulent.

Chandelier plant
Babies grow from the leave's teeth

Chandelier plants-$3 each plus s&h with Tracking. Shipped bare root, Carefully packaged using bubble wrap and foam peanuts. Discounts are available when buying in quantity.

Remember that plantlets will naturally fall off the plant when you aren't around. If you don't want baby Mother of Millions plants next to the mother plant, you will need to look for the plantlets on the ground and remove them.