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3 year old Aloe vera
3 years old
These aloes produce pups

The beautiful aloe plant. These plants are a blessing. A plant can live for 25 years. The first-aid effects are renowned. Hardy, aloes are survivors. Tolerate drought, shade, and rough handling. During times of stress, it will become dormant, awaiting favorable conditions to re-emerge. A plant can be uprooted thrown carelessly on compost heap, and thrive within a short time.

I love growing aloes.

I have them propagating abundantly.
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Aloe pups for adoption
$5 each

Live Aloe plants, medicinal qualities that are so very vital in our daily lives.

Free! Or as near to it as one can get! I have been sharing them over 2 years.

We all love having this absolutly astounding natural wonder growing in our homes.


Or send check or money order to:

Randall Parks RE: TheAloeGuy

380 Cannon Farm Rd.

Oxford, Ga. 30054

Be sure to include an address or P.O.Box. The aloe plant will be sent within 3 days. Included with the aloe vera plant are planting and care instructions.

Lush, full, mature leaves for your own aloe recipes.
The leaves are 15+ inches long, thick and 3" wide. To order aloe leaves in bulk use address above or:

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Aloes belong to the Liliiceae family which does use CAM for photosynthesis. Other families with CAM are Agavacea (agaves), Cactaceae (cacti), and Crassulaceae (Crassula), Euphorbiaceae (euphorbia), Liliaceae (lilies), Orchidaceae (orchids) and Vitaceae (grapes).

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Free Aloe Guy Newsletter

I’m constantly transplanting, potting, repotting, and propagating aloe plants. It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy it immensely. Have to keep up with the demand! I am now offering yucca and cactus.


If you have never heard of the first-aid plant, ask a few of your neighbors. You should soon find some who can tell you their experiences. They may call it the "Burn Plant," but the official name is Aloe Vera.

The History of Aloe Vera

Aloes are historically linked to the ancient Egyptians (1500 B.C.) and the Bible speaks about Christ’s body being wrapped in aloes (John 19:39 ), after he was removed from the cross. The Jews learned of the healing powers and cosmetic qualities of aloes, while they were held in captivity by the Egyptian Pharaoh. Cleopatra was known to have used aloes to preserve her beauty for Mark Antony.

More Interesting Information

The succulent leaves of Aloe Vera are one of nature's perfect packaging miracles. Break a leaf off the fleshy stem from which a fan of sessile leaves radiate, and the plant quickly seals in the vital juices. Even the cut segment will heal over the end where it is sliced and retain its plumpness to remain green for several days. In a refrigerator it keeps for two or three weeks. The transparent pulp from a fresh-cut leaf helps the work of healing cuts and bums. It is used in shampoo, sunburn lotions, and bum ointment that has been given government contracts after testing at Los Alamos proving ground under the auspices of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Aloe has commonly been kept as a houseplant and the sap of the plant has been used to soothe the pain of burns, rashes, insect bites, and other skin irritations. The application of aloe gel to the irritated area increases oxygen flow to the area, helping speed the process of healing.  


Aloe is a succulent, and as such, stores a large quantity of water within its leaves and root system. During the winter months, the plant will become somewhat dormant, and utilize very little moisture. During this period watering should be minimal. Allow the soil to become completely dry before giving the plant a cup or two of water. During the summer months, the soil should be completely soaked, but then be allowed to dry again before re-watering.
I have some new plants available. In this issue I have some personal thoughts and letters to share with you.

in this issue

How I became Free Aloe Guy
Using aloe vera to heal scars.
More letters
Like a game

Hally in Atlanta writes:I would really like to thank you for the plant. It is doing very nicely by my window in my dorm. At first, though, two of its leaves dropped off
after becoming flat at the tips. I threw one of the leaves away, but the
other one I propped up in the soil -- and it seems to actually be thriving. Anyway, the plant is growing very quickly now, and all of its leaves
seem to be in good condition. I am very pleased with it.

The kids and I are HONORED by your informative response...they felt so special to receive this personal email with care instructions...we look forward to working with you. Linda Thomas Amanda Rochell Elem. School

"I bought my first plant from Randall (FreeAloeGuy) and was very excited to receive it. A few months later, I ordered another plant. My 3 month old puppy had managed to do what puppies do. When I told Randall the story and that one of the three leaves had been damaged in transit, he insisted on and sent me a second plant. I now have two beautiful Aloe Plants living in Chicago and they're now definitely out of my dog's reach." Derek V.

Thanks for your time! Your advice was very helpful! Now I don't feel so stressesd about what I'm going to do with them in the winter! Thanks again, Kristen

Using aloe vera to heal scars.

I recieved this in an e-mail requesting aloe info: I have a couple of scars on my legs (small brown scars) and I have mixed the inside of the leaf with aloe plants I've grown with dmso* and the contents of vitamin e-capsules. This is a wonderful way to eliminate scars although it may take a little while. MERLE.
I haven't tried this myself but I thought I'd pass it along. *DMSO has NOT been approved by FDA for transdermal use.

More letters

Mike in TX writes: Hi Mr Randall.
I was just looking at my aloe plants with Pops who is 84 and we see that they
are full of what you call pups.LOL
It is a miracle they are alive.

My name is Kimberly Cooper and I have developed a keen
interest in the aloe vera plant. About 14 years ago
my daughter had a burn from hot tea falling on her.
After coming from the doctor, that stated she might
need to have surgery (skin grafted from another part
of her body to the burned area) I applied the goo from
an aloe vera plant my mom had. I don't remember how
long it took but she did not have to have her skin
grafted in surgery. The doctor said he couldn't
recommend that treatment but was glad I did it.

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